Texas Bird Hunting

"Day Hunts for Texas Upland Birds and Waterfowl"

Habits and Habitat of Texas Duck

Ducks can be found in Texas, and are a great hunting opportunity.

Duck Habitat, Where to Find Them

Ducks are found all over Texas. Hunted with decoys, they can be taken from beaver ponds, sloughs, flooded areas, swamps, etc.

Habits of Ducks

Ducks are waterfowl, which means they live in and around water. Their flight habits therefore are centered around moving from water area to other areas of water. When decoys are set, ducks will see them, and assuming they don't see the camouflaged hunter, they will cup their wings and dive to the decoys.

What Else About Ducks

More to come on ducks, and we'll keep it up. Ducks aren't the focus at the moment, because dove and quail season are coming up within a few months.

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