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"Day Hunts for Texas Upland Birds and Waterfowl"

Make Money, Keep Control With Day Hunters

As a landowner, your first priority is likely not to find hunters for your land. But if your land has enough game, you may have considered that you could make a little money on the side by having paid hunters.

But, leasing the hunting rights for an entire season means that you will have to work around the hunters whenever they'd like to go hunting. Sure, you can limit their access via the lease, but then it's worth less, and it's harder to find someone.

Day Hunts are a Great Compromise

If you've considered leasing the hunting rights on your land, but don't like turning over full access privileges, finding day hunters could become a lucrative side project for you.

Day hunting access can be a very simple weekend venture. Day hunters arrive at the predetermined time that you say, and pay you the determined access fee per gun. You'll show them to an area of your property for their hunt, explain boundaries, how far they can move around, etc.

Find Paying Day Hunters

But, how to find those hunters that are looking just for a day hunt? No problem, we're here for that.

Using our free service, we'll take the leg work out of the time-consuming task of finding day hunters. If you'd like to have hunters only on only Saturdays, we can handle it. If you'd like to offer day hunts any day of the week, we'll work to find them.

If you want to start earning money from offering day hunt access, you owe it to yourself to try our free listing service and start getting day hunters.

About Our Service

After working on a family project to find day hunters, we started this site because we knew there were many landowners looking for those day hunters that love to come out for opening day, but don't want to pay for a full season's lease.

Our service is completely free for landowners. There is no catch, no "VIP" list we're trying to hit you up for. We simply charge prospective hunter's $5 per gun to make their reservation on your land, with nothing for you to pay, ever. Additionally, you are in complete control of how you handle the hunter's payment to you on the day of the hunt.

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