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"Day Hunts for Texas Upland Birds and Waterfowl"

How We Book Day Hunts

We book your land free for you, and strive to make the process as simple as possible. There is no catch, no "VIP" list, nothing for you to pay, ever.

How It Works

We agressively market our site to hunters looking for bird hunting day leases. Those hunters comb through the prospective leases, and select the one that meets their needs. This is why it is important to describe your hunting vividly, and use photos of tanks, fields, etc whenever possible. Those photos will help the hunter select your land over another's listing that doesn't include photos.

The hunter then makes their reservation by credit card on our web site. This is a small fee that we charge per gun for the hunter's reservation.

We do not charge the hunter your gun fee, that is a separate transaction that it is up to you to complete, whether by cash, check or other means. All we do is charge them the reservation fee, currently at $5 per gun per day's reservation. It is up to you to collect the hunt fee at the time the hunters arrive.

Why This is Good For You

We feel that only involving ourselves in the reservation and not in the full cost is beneficial for the landowner. That way, we don't have your money, and you need not wait on our company to cut you a check. We think you'll agree that by getting cash in hand straight from the hunter is better than having our company act as go-between.

After The Reservation

After the hunter reserves their date and gun total, we update you by email, phone or fax with the information, and your current total number of hunters. Before the hunt date, we'll again update you with your total hunters.

We don't ask that you use our service exclusively. What we do ask is that you do not overbook your land. Safety is paramount, and we inform all hunters that if they feel unsafe because of crowding, they should ask for their money back, and report the practice to us. We will ban any listings that overbook.

To avoid this, simply inform us of your total daily capacity during the listing process, and update your listing as you hunters from other sources so that an overbooking doesn't occur.

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