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How to List Your Land With Us

Getting day hunters to your land need not be costly or difficult. Our service will find you hunters at no cost to you, ever.

We will be actively taking reservations by early July, 2009. The following information is about how the process will work, but please understand that we are still getting the software functioning. If you have any questions, or would like us to update you when we're up and running, please contact us.

Open Your Account

The registration process is simple. You'll create your account online and complete the profile of your available hunts. For the profile, you'll describe your land in vivid language and select in our form what kind of game you are offering day hunts for. You'll then post how many guns you have room for, your per-gun fee, restrictions, and finally attach pictures of the land, former hunts, etc.

If your internet access is limited, we can do all of the above for you if provided a faxed or mailed copy of our form, plus non-returnable photos.

Photos of Your Land

Though we don't require you to have pictures of your land, we strongly encourage it, as it gives you and edge and lets prospective hunters see your land before they get there. Hunters will be more likely to choose your hunt over another if they are able to get a sense of the land and the opportunity.

If you don't have a digital camera or a scanner, no problem. Just mail us some non-returnable copies of your photos and we'll get them scanned for you at no charge. Click here for more info.

The Service is Free

Our service is completely free for landowners. There is no catch, no "VIP" list we're trying to hit you up for, nothing for you to pay, ever.

Our service works like this: Hunters pay us a reservation fee to reserve their hunt on your land for a specific date. We update you with the names of the hunters scheduled. Upon their arrival, the hunter pays you directly for the day hunt. We do not involve ourselves in the hunt payment in any way, and we expect that you appreciate this.

We don't ask that you use our service exclusively, simply that you inform us of your capacity, don't over-book and update us as that changes.

Learn more about how our booking process works for you.

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