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How to Identify the Quail of Texas

Of the two species of quail in Texas, the Bob White is the most predominant.

The Bob White Quail

Bob White quail are easy to spot. They have strong legs which allow them to jump from the ground in an instance and fly away quickly. The also tend to run away through brush before flushed, or walk off if winged. The coloration of Bob White's is brown with a stripe across the head. This specie lives in the wooded areas of Texas, and doesn't do as well in the arid conditions that the blue are found in.

The Blue Quail

The Blue quail, or simply the "blue" as they are generally called, live in more arid conditions than the Bob White. Found commonly in West Texas and New Mexico, blues also are notorious walkers. Telling the difference is simple. Blue quail are blue! There is no mistaking one for the other. (Picture Inset)

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