Texas Bird Hunting

"Day Hunts for Texas Upland Birds and Waterfowl"

What to Bring Hunting

What you'll need for your day hunt largely depends on you, but we'll provide a rough idea of common needs.

Hunting Equipment

Hunting license
Shotgun, with appropriate plug and chokes
Shells, appropriate size for game
Ziplock bags
Trash bag
Drinks (observe landowner notes on alcohol)

Clothes for Hunting

Much of upland bird hunting requires walking through fields choked with briars, stickers and the like.

Boots without laces. These must be broken in well.
Tough pants that can get torn on barbed wire. Brown or tan is the best color.
Hat to keep sun off you.

Point to be understood is to take what you think you'll need. Though the landowner may provide certain things, such as water and cleaning facilities (see landowner notes), most landowners are not in the business of running a full service guided hunt.

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