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Dove Habits and Their Habitat

Dove can be found in Texas, and are a great hunting opportunity.

Dove Habitat, Where to Find Them

Dove are a migratory game bird, and move around a lot. Dove hunting generally focuses around water areas or food plots. It is illegal to bait an area with the intention of drawing birds, but food plots of grain or sunflower are legal. These are great areas that dove congregate in during the day. Dove can be jumped like quail, or you can wait in an area and shoot them as they fly over. Good areas are tree lines and fence lines.

Excellent dove hunting focuses on water tanks or other water-filled areas. Dove come to tanks to drink during the day, and especially as the sun sets. Some use decoys around tanks, though this usually isn't a necessity.

Habits of Dove

Dove are migratory, and they certainly become wise as the season progresses. Around opening day, a limit is much easier than later in the season, because of numbers and because dove become wary to approach water holes and likely begin to look for hunters. Go camo, and stay hidden!

Mourning Dove tend to fly in lower and do not fly in large groups as often as the Whitewing dove. Whitewings are also larger, marked by the white on the edges of their wings.

What Else About Dove

Dove shooting is fun and generally relaxing since it's not necessary to walk long distances flushing birds. It's a great sport for those with mobility impairment and to introduce the young to bird hunting in Texas.

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