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How To Identify Dove

There are two main types of dove taken in Texas, the most prominent being the mourning dove. Behind that is the Whitewing dove. Other dove exist but are of little game value, such as the tiny Inca dove.

Identification of Dove

We'll be posting picture of dove so that you can better ID dove in flight, dove diving, and dove sitting in fields or near water. It's important to identify game because you do not want to shoot a specie that is out of season or a dove that you've already reached a limit on.

Generally speaking, the Inca dove is very small, flies erratically, and shouldn't be shot. The mourning dove has swooping wings, is gray, and flies in a predictably dodging pattern that once learned is very easy to pick out, since most birds fly fairly straight ahead.

The whitewing is larger and has an obvious wing-tipped wing. They fly higher and in generally in groups.

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